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Estate Planing in Melbourne

H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd do not have expertise in estate planning. However, we do assist an estate planning expert to discover a client’s exact intentions in planning their estate

We assist in this way by interviewing a client and asking questions from a form designed by the expert. This form is then presented to the Estate Planner who, after a short contact with the client, can proceed to set up the correct structure to achieve the client’s wishes. This procedure helps to reduce the cost because the initial interview with accountant involving the form completion is significantly less costly that if the expert conducted the initial interview. Typical questions asked on the form are:

  • Who, specifically do you wish to leave your assets to when you pass on?
  • Do you wish to leave lump sums to individuals or have them receive an amount per annum instead?
  • Do you wish to protect your assets from those whom you would consider undesirable and not have them receive any money from your estate?

These are only some of the questions that are asked so that your estate can be directed to those that you desire. At the same time to ensure that your money does not get into the hands of anyone that you would not want it to.

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Even a minor error on your tax return can result in several hundred lost and many wasted hours. Spare yourself the hassle by hiring H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd to handle your tax matters with unfailing accuracy and clarity. Call now!

Why is Estate Planning Important For Tax Purposes?

When it comes to reducing your tax liabilities, it is essential to plan ahead. At H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd, we help you identify commonly overlooked deductions to successfully and legally maximise your after-tax revenue.

Our expert knowledge can help you lower the amount of taxes you pay on your income, your estate or your investment. Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy more of your hard-earned money and maintain your lifestyle.

If you own a business in Melbourne, or simply need help with your individual taxes, working with our team is a surefire way to remain tax-compliant and maximise the fruits of your labour. Call us today (03) 9021 1432 for a consultation and see the difference we can make to your bank balance.

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Why Is It Important To Have Estate Planning?

The rate at which accounting practices evolve alongside changes to company law and other regulations creates a situation in which small and medium business owners find it challenging and time-consuming to produce fair and accurate financial reports.

However, it is still essential that you address these complex accounting and reporting matters correctly and efficiently. More and more clients are turning to H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd for this very reason. With our proven track record of relieving the burden of financial reporting, we can give you back the freedom to spend more time on core activities with the knowledge that your estate is being looked after.

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