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Retirement Planing in Melbourne

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There are many aspects to be considered when contemplating retirement, some of which are set out below:

  • Firstly, how much per week or month will I/We need to live on when I/We retire based on value for money at that time and following years?
  • What steps do I/We need to take now to achieve this amount?
  • Should I/we set up a self managed super fund to achieve My/Our goals?
  • What equity will I/we have in property when I/We retire and would downsizing be a consideration?
  • If cash is left in the kitty after downsizing, how can this be directed to achieve minimum tax?
  • Will I/We be able to receive a government pension on retirement and what are the income and asset guidelines set out by Centrelink?
  • Do you have a successful business which could be saleable upon retirement and what would be the market value of the business? Plus again, how can the minimum tax be achieved on income from the cash received?
  • Will you be in a super fund upon retirement and would it be beneficial to go into what is called “pension mode” and receive a superannuation pension?

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Insurance and Retirement Planning

You are not alone if you find yourself concerned about whether you will have enough money to retire or for the financial security of your loved ones in case the worst should happen. H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd aims to help our clients maximise their earnings while also protecting progress made through a balanced approach to wealth accumulation, asset protection and retirement income planning.

One of the most common tools we use is your insurance policy, for which the choices are ‘whole-life’ or ‘term-life.’ Of the two options, term-life policies are the more commonly purchased and will protect you for a specified period (the term). On the other hand, whole-life policies cover you up until your final breath. 

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When it comes to offering comprehensive financial services throughout Melbourne, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, no competitor comes close to offering an array of services quite like H S Cooper & Co Pty Ltd.

Our many years of working with some of the biggest accounting firms in the world has given us a unique insight into retirement planning, estate planning, asset protection, business succession planning and more. We leverage this experience to benefit our many clients, both individually and in a business setting.

Our process of listening to our clients’ needs, making observations and recommendations and, finally, creating customised financial plans using the finest products available, makes it amazingly easy for all our loyal customers to plan for a prosperous future. We would be delighted to count you among our satisfied clients. Call now for a consultation.

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Retirement Planning Melbourne

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